Caring solutions

About us

Caring solutions is a company that offers versatile services in early childhood education, elementary-, secondary- and high school and other workspaces. 

Caring solutions is specialized in promoting wellbeing among children, youth, adults and families, but also among educators. 

Caring solutions wants to create a better, more safe and  secure learning environment for children, youth, adults, families and educators.

Caring solutions offers solutions and consultation for development of wellbeing and the operational culture.


Create and/or development of the operational culture.

  • survey
  • development
  • uniting
  • constructive consultation for staff and leaders

Solutions in challenging situations

  • harassments
  • disorders
  • long drawn out bullying


  • staff
  • children
  • youth
  • guardians

Support for bullying victims and their family

  • consultation
  • cooperation with school

Development of wellbeing

  • prevention of harassments, violence and bullying
  • emotions and social skills
  • support for guardians


Hanna Rönnblom

  • has been working as a  principal, teacher in elementary school, preschool and special education.
  • is working as a specialist, consult and educator
  • long experience and lot of knowledge
  • professional and proficient
  • services in Finnish, Swedish and English
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